Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Oggi è la giornata per la Terra! A scuola, c'era un'assemblea, e abbiamo imparato modi in cui possiamo aiutare a proteggere l'ambiente. Abbiamo imparato del riciclaggio e altre cose che possiamo fare. Poi siamo andati fuori, e ogni classe ha piantato il suo albero nel cortile. Erano bellissimi insieme! In celebrazione della giornata per la Terra, ho scelto qualche foto di me stesso giocando fuori nella natura.

Today is Earth Day! At school, there was an assembly, and we learned ways in which we can help to protect the environment. We learned all about recycling and other things that we can do. Then we went outside, and every class planted its own tree in the courtyard. They looked beautiful all together! In celebration of Earth Day, I picked a few photos of myself playing outside in nature.



  1. Happy Earth Day, Livia! I like your pictures. Especially the last one, because you have great taste in glasses. :-) We didn't get to plant any trees at my school, but we did have a contest where we had to answer questions about ecology and the winners got little daisy plants in pots to take home. I didn't win, though. Oh well, there's always next year!

  2. Happy Earth Day! It's one of my favorite holidays because it's important.

  3. Happy Earth Day, Livia! :) My dolls went outside, too!

  4. I love those picutres of you, Livia! Your are so pretty.

    Happy Earth Day!
    That is cool that you planted a tree! My school did something similar.