Monday, April 20, 2009

April Showers

Piovava tutto il pomeriggio. Avevo voluto giocare fuori dopo la scuola, ma invece, ho letto un po', ho fatto il mio compito, e poi ho guardato dalla finestra alla pioggia. Nonostante il mio disappunto che non potevo andare fuori, provavo a ricordare che gli acquazzoni d'aprile portanto i fiori di maggio! Con speranza, si vedrà molti fiori fra poco. Farà 70 gradi e più questo week-end...non posso aspettare per la primavera!

It rained all afternoon. I had wanted to play outside after school, but instead, I read a bit, did my homework, and then I looked out the window at the rain. Despite my disappointment that I couldn't go outside, I tried to remember that April showers bring May flowers! Hopefully we'll see lots of those flowers soon. It's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend...I can't wait for spring!

Looking out the window at the rain



  1. It's been raining all day here too! I wanted to go out and play in the puddles, but my owner wouldn't let me :P

    Today is a good day to stay inside and read. I have a good book I'm reading, called The City of Ember. What book are you reading?

    The sound of rain is really relaxing to me, although I wish it were warmer and we were having better weather.


  2. AWE. Livia, when your around, it feels like spring to us!

  3. Hello Livia! You're such a pretty girl! =) I'm Wendy's friend Quinn.

    The rain you had sounds nice compared to the suddenly scorching heat we had today. I felt like I would melt, lol.

  4. We've had very bright sunshine the last couple days, you should come down here, lol.


  5. It is going to be 83 degrees today! :)

  6. Your curls are beautiful, Livia!