Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ciao again!

Ciao! It's been a whole entire year since my last blog post, but it's summer again and I'm going to try to write more! I just came back from a vacation in Sicily, where I found this awesome t-shirt that was just my size. It has the flag of Sicily in a heart shape, and says Sicilia in pretty swirled lettering. Mi piace moltissimo - I really like it!

I've also been watching with the World Cup. I'm rooting for both the USA and Italy and it's been really fun to watch the games on TV! Have you heard the vuvuzela horns that the crowds blow at every match? I think the noise is funny - it sounds like a swarm of bees to me!

Forza Azzurri! That's the cheer for the Italian soccer team. Literally, it means "Go Blues!" because the Italian team's color is blue. I bought this shirt in Italy a few years ago. See how it has four stars across the top? That's one star for each time Italy has won the World Cup. They won the last World Cup, so it's really unlikely they'll win again, but I'm still going to cheer them on!

Are you watching the World Cup? What teams are you rooting for?

Love, Livia


  1. Ciao Livia! Come stai?
    Your new shirt is too cool! I love wearing my Firenze shirts even if Laura didn't take me to Italy with her to get them.
    I actually haven't been watching the World Cup - I feel like such a traitor to France and England who I'd definitely be rooting for if I was actually watching.
    Glad to see you posting!


  2. Hi, Livia! It's nice to see you posting again!
    I'm, of course, rooting for France. :)

  3. Ciao, Livia! I'm happy to see you online again! Your shirts are awesome. I don't watch the World Cup, but some of my family does. I think they're rooting for England.